Undivided Attention - Every Single Time

What's good everyone? I'm Joe Swider and I'm pretty stoked your checking out what I'm putting out there. I've got a pretty cool gig. I tattoo people for a living. Seriously, people let me draw all day... on them... permanently.

I do NOT take that shit lightly.

I'm here to create with you and you're going to get everything I've got whether we're working on a small, sentimental piece or the ongoing mural where you and I jump down the rabbit hole together.

Connecticut tattoo artists over a light table
Connecticut tattoo artist holding a sabre tube Connecticut tattoo artist holding a pink tattoo gun

20 years.   1000+ pieces done.

I got my start as a professional tattoo artist 20 years ago, apprenticing with Visual Expressions in East Hartford and then working out of a few shops in the Hartford area.

Life moved me around Connecticut in my twenties and gave me the opportunity to hone my craft with some legit artists out of some amazing shops like Plan 9 in Meriden and Darkside in New Haven.

As I grew as an artist, I became extremely focused on finding the perfect fit for me - A place where my style compliments what other resident artists are doing and one that fosters a creative atmosphere in a professional, super clean and sterile space. I found that space at Skin Deep Ink in New Milford, CT 4 years ago and the team there has grown to be nothing short of family.

  • "I've had work done by most of the top guys in Connecticut and NYC. Without question, Joe's color game is straight-up legit. There's ZERO chance another needle is touching my skin if that's what I'm getting done"

    - Some Dude | Yelp (Sept. 2017)

  • "Joe did a fantastic job on my tattoo! A true artist! I sent a descriptive email including pictures of what style I wanted from each pic. His sketch was the perfect combination of what I wanted so I didn't even ask for any changes. Joe paid extra attention to the fine detail of the style I wanted, placement, etc."

    - Ashleigh B. | Yelp (May 2017)

Let's Get Something Scheduled

Everything below helps me understand what we're working on so I can get back to you as quickly as possible. However, if filling all this shit in is a deal breaker, feel free to shoot me an email or give me a call.

 How do I get in touch with you?

 What are we working on?

 What's your schedule look like?

I'm generally really quick about getting back to you, though obviously if I've got someone in my chair or you decided you wanted some new ink at 2am, it might not be instantateous.