A Collection of Connecticut Tattoos Two Decades in the Making

2018 will mark 20 years as a Connecticut tattoo artist. In that time, I've literally done thousands of pieces. I'm humble, but if you do anything 1000 times, you're going to get good at it and I've worked hard to hone my craft. I naturally gravitate towards the new-school style though I'm happy to work with you no matter what your vision is. I'm a huge fan of color. I pride myself on my saturation and the fact that I almost never get asked to do touch-ups.

Got a tattoo you're not happy with now? My natural style is also fantastic for cover-ups and I love fixing things that people are embarrased to have on them - Replacing them with something they love to show off. If you're not seeing something that speaks to you below, reach out anyway. I'll happily hear you out, probably show you a few pieces that aren't shown below, and even if I'm not the right guy to do your work, I can probably make some great recommendations on other great Connecticut tattoo artists.

If you're digging what you see, no reason not to...

  • "I've had work done by most of the top guys in Connecticut and NYC. Without question, Joe's color game is straight-up legit. There's ZERO chance another needle is touching my skin if that's what I'm getting done"

    - Some Dude | Yelp (Sept. 2017)

  • "Joe did a fantastic job on my tattoo! A true artist! I sent a descriptive email including pictures of what style I wanted from each pic. His sketch was the perfect combination of what I wanted so I didn't even ask for any changes. Joe paid extra attention to the fine detail of the style I wanted, placement, etc."

    - Ashleigh B. | Yelp (May 2017)

Let's Get Something Scheduled

Everything below helps me understand what we're working on so I can get back to you as quickly as possible. However, if filling all this shit in is a deal breaker, feel free to shoot me an email or give me a call.

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I'm generally really quick about getting back to you, though obviously if I've got someone in my chair or you decided you wanted some new ink at 2am, it might not be instantateous.